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Adana is a town in Chukurova plain (Cilicia plain), on the bank of the river Mehyan, an administrative centre of the homonymous Turkish vilayet. It is a major agricultural, industrial and commercial center. The city was once a Hellenistic cultural centre. Some monuments of that period have been preserved up to now.
There is a stone bridge built on the Mehyan River during the times of Hustinyanos. The bridge was reconstructed in 743 and called "Zisr al Valid" after the name of the Ottoman Khalifa. When the crusaders were crossing Cilicia; Adana was under the reign of the founder of Hetumyan dynasty of Oshin. In the autumn of 1097 Adana was conquered by the Crusaders. When the king Levon A regained Cilicia in 1130-1132, Adana was united with Rubinyan Kingdom.  In 12-14 centuries Adana was part of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. 
In 12-14 centuries different constructions were built in Adana, such as: The King's Palace with St. Minas temple and the churches of St. Astvatsatsin(Holy Mother of God) and St. Stephanos. The latter also had 2 churches which were called St. Hakob and St. Sargis, which were later on destroyed. At the beginning of the 20th century Adana had a population of 45.000 people, 12600 of which were Armenians.

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  • Adana, Cilicia (Kilikia)
  • building in Adana
  • Mosque in Adana
  • The old bridge of Adana
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