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Adiyaman is a city in Turkey, administrative center of the province of Adiyaman. The population of Adiyaman is mostly engaged in technical crops (tobacco, cotton), in crafts and trade. In 1927, 1937-38 and later on, an old settlement of old Stone Age was excavated in Adiyaman. Here different stone objects (flint, jasper, obsidian) were found. Some scientists think that they belong to Orinian culture. Among the foundings there are choppers, slicers, blades, and other items belonging to Neolithic Era. 
At the end of 19th century approximately 6 thousand Armenians lived in Adiyaman. The Armenian community had their own schools and churches. There were also several Armenian villages - Samsar, Gantaru, and Kevruk. During the Hamidian massacre in 1895 and the Cilician Genocide in 1909 the Armenians from Adiyaman and from neighbourhood resisted heroically. Most part of the Armenian population were massacred. In 1971 there were 52 Armenian families living in Adiyaman. Misak Manushyan who was a hero of the French resistance, was born in Adiyaman.

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