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Erzrum is also known as Karin, Teodosoupolis, Arzrum, and Qarin. Erzrum is a city in Karin region, on the left bank of the Euphrates river, 2000 meters above the sea level. Karin is one of the most ancient settlements of the Armenian highland. Karin was founded in the 2nd half of the 2nd millennium B.C. by Armenian king Karanianf and thus - the name of Karin.
In 885, after the establishment of Bagratuni kingdom, Karin was also included in the territory of Armenia. In 949, the Byzanthians conquered Karin back from Armenians. In 1049 when Seljuk Turks destroyed Artsnk, its habitants who had stayed alive settled in Karin and called it after their fatherland – Artsn, and from this came Turkish-Arabian names of Karin – Arzn Rum, Arzrum, Erzrum. Karin had always been one of the important centers of Armenia. 
First of all, Karin was a fortress-town. An the end of the 19th century and an the beginning of 20th century, there were number of colleges operating in Karin, including Aghabalyan, Artsnyan, Galfayan, Hripsimyan, Msryan and Ter-Azaryan. Yet the 9-year male collage Sanasaryan had its particular role in Armenian education. There were also 3 kindergartens in Karin then.
Almost no historical monument has  been kept  in Karin. And whatever is kept, was built relatively late. The most remarkable of them is St. Astvatsatsin church. It was built in 1840 on the place of an old building made in the 7th century. Next to the church, there was the Armenian tomb reconstructed and fortified, where 11th and 12th century tombstones were kept.
In Karin historian Hakob Karency, Eghia Karency, the head of “Pashtpan hayrenyac” (the defender of fatherland) Ketekcyan, cultural figure Shavarsh Garagash, writer and teacher Hovhannes Karneci, Soviet Armenian painter A. Aleksanyan were burn here.

Photo Gallery
  • The fortress of Erzrum
  • The fortress of Erzrum view from south
  • Armenian house
  • Chivti Minaret
  • Mosque in Erzrum
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