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Igdir (known also as Tsolakert, Igedir, Ighdir) is a small town in Surmalu province of  Yerevan region. It was the centre of the region. Igdir is situated 40km south-west from Yerevanon the right bank of Araks river. Igdir had approximately 550 armenian homes and 70 homes of turks. It had about 10.000 population in the second half of the 20th century. Some armenians emigrated here from Iran Kho and Salmast regions. in 1920 Igdir was conquered by the turks and according to 1921 October 13 Kars contract it was included in the Turkish territory.
Igdir is home to many well-known armenian artists, scientists, famous patriots including artist E.Isabekyan, famous ophtalmologist  Hayk Kanayants, Ardvar Kanayan, who is the founder of the national library, Drastamat Kanayan -Dro.

Photo Gallery
  • Igdir general view
  • Igdir, the main street
  • Igdir
  • Restaurant in Igdir
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