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Kharbered was referred as a castle, fortress, citadel, and city. It is situated on the left bank of Aratsan river, approximately 70 kilometers north-east from Malatya. The lake Tsovk (Gyoljik) is situated southeast from the city. There was also a small island in the lake, where there once was the siege of the Catholicos, where Nerses Shnorhali had his residence.
According to Eprikyans, the population of Kharbert was approximately 12.200 people, 6080 of which were Armenians, while Turks and people of other nationalities were 6120 people. During the First World War, and due to the genocide, massive deportations began in Kharberd, which date back to 1915 June 26. After the genocide only 2000 Armenians remained here, while in 60's of the 20th century the population of Armenians reduced to 1000 people. Most of the deported Kharbertians immigrated to the Soviet Armenia.
The most precious artifacts found in Kharbert is the fortress, which was located on a peak of a mountain in Armenian Taurus mountain chain. The fortress was built by the Tsopac governors and kings (2-4 centuries B.C.)
In the second half of 19 century there were 6 Armenian churches in different conditions (Names of the churches: St.Karapet, St.Nshan, St.Stepanos andSt.Sargis, theere was also another protestant church which was called St.Astvatsatsin and the Turks used to call it Kizil-Kilisa). There were also several mosques in Kharberd.

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  • Lake Tsovq, Historical Armenia
  • Sunset over Lake Tsovq
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