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Maku was previously called Shavarshan or Shavarshakan. It is supposed, that the name Maku came from Persian and it meant "in the middle of two hills". It was also known as Manku and Kapan-Kalesi. It has been a village, a fortress town, borough in different periods of time. Maku is situated on the southern slope of Smaller Masis. Maku suffered a devastating earthquaqe, which took place in the surroundings of Big and Small Masis. Maku is 1840 meters above the sea level.
Maku has always been an administrative centre. Previously it was the centre of Artaz province of Vaspurakan region.
The city has only one Armenian church, which also had a college attached. Maku was an important manuscript centre in the middle Ages. Several manuscrpits, written here remained up to our days. St. Tadeos Apostle church had an important cultural impact on the city. The church is standing up to nowadays.

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Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
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