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Marash is known from very ancient times. Ptxomeos mentions it as Marash. The city was also called Germanike, which was named by Roman General Germanikos, who came to Komagene in 18century B.C to occupy himself by the affairs of the town. The city had a big population of Armenians during the Byzantine Empre, thus the city was given to Armenian governors. One of the governers was Pilartos Varjanuni, who founded an enough strong authority with a centre called Marash, which existed up to 1090. After the fall of the Seljuk reign, Marash was reunited with the Cilician Armenian Kingdom. The city was conquered by Levon B in 1189, and Hetum A conquered it in 1266. In 16rd century Marash was under the rule of Ottoman Empire. The Armenian Gregorian, Catholic and Protestant communities posessed 12 churches (St.Gevorg, St.Astvatsatsin, St.Karapet, St.Sargis, St.Stepanos, St.Qarasun Mankunq). 6 of the churches had also primary schools. On the eve of the Armenian Genocide, there were 2 famous schools operating in Marash -Azgayin Kendronakan and H.Malchyanni.The also had hospitals and philantrophic funds. The first edition of "Chsmartutyun" (The Truth) was published in Marash. (1919). Before the Armenian Genocide Marash had a population of 20.000 Armenians.

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  • Marash, general view
  • Marash, Cilicia
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