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Mtskheta is one of the oldest capitals of Georgia. It is situated at the merging of Kur and Aragvi rivers.  Here there are located the most significant Georgian shrines: the Jvari church and the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli. The Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli is located in historical capital of Georgia - Mtskheta, 21 kilometers far from the capital Tbilisi. This cathedral has been the principal Georgian church for a long time and remained important historical and religious centre of Georgia until nowadays. This church is now the residence of the pan-georgian patriarch.
The cathedral was built by Georgian architect Arsukidze in 11th century. According to the legend, after completing the construction of the church, it was ordered to cut his hand to prevent him of building such beautiful cathedral in the future. The old church was built in the 4th century by Mirian king of Qartli. According to the history of Georgia, a georgian-jew Elioz visited Jerusalem in the 1st century, when Jesus was being tortured.Iliarios bought Jesus' clothes and brought them to Georgia. When he came back to Georgia and met his sister Sidonia, she touched the clothes and later died due to her emotions. They couldn't disattach Jesus' clothes from her and she was buried with his clothes. Later an enormous cedar tree grew in the place of the grave. St. Nino ordered to make 7 columns from that tree and later there was built a church with those columns. The seventh column had magical abilities. According to the legend a magical healing fluid was flowing from that column, which had ability to heal people's illnesses. The walls of the Cathedral were built in 1787 by Herakles the Second.

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Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
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