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Sarighamish is a city in Kars region, located on the southern foothills of Metsrats mountains and on the right bank of Karuts river. It was called Eghegnut in ancient times because of the reeds which were growing alongside the river and the Turkish name of Sarighamish also came from that fact.  Sarighamish consisted of two districts: upper and lower, which were once two neighbouring villages. It is supposed that  they correspond to the settlements Akhuryan and Ashtukhin,  mentioned in the cuneiform inscription of king Argishti I, which was preserved in the upper district. 
In June 1877 Russian army along with armenians, lead by Loris Melikov, liberated Sarighamish from the Turkish rule. Sarighamish was a part of the First Republic of Armenia during 1919-1920. On 29th of September 1920, the kemmalist troops conquered back Sarighamish.
Nowadays Sarighamish is an important transportation and tourism hub in Kars vilayet, with approximately 20.000 population.

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