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Shushi is a fortress in Artsakh, and the administrative centre of the homonymous region. It is the former capital of Nagorno Karabakh and till the beginning of 20th century it played an important role in the economic and cultural life of not only Artsakh, but also in the entire Transcaucasus. Nowadays Shushi is declared as a historical and architectural reserve. Shushi was a natural impregnable fortress in Varanda province of Artsakh. There are also ancient tombs near the city, Armenian cross stones (khachkars). During the war of Artsakh the city was used as a military base by azerbaijanians. In 1991-1992 Stepanakert and other Armenian settlements were bombed intensively, and hundreds of people were killed. On May 9 of 1992 Shushi was liberated by the army of Artsakh. Nowadays more than 3000 Armenians live in Shushi and the biggest part of them are the refugees from the cities of Sumgait and Baku. The city was significantly damaged due to the war. On June 11 of 2007 a new plan of the city was created. It is planned that by 2020 the city of Shushi will be restored. Shushi is the cultural centre of Artsakh.

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