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Silvan (Tigranakert)

Also known as Matirupolis, Nprkert, Muafarkin, Farkin, Tigranakert is a city located in Nprkert province of Aghdznik region, on the left bank of Nikeporion affluent of the Western Tigris river. In many historical sources it was often confused with Diyarbakir. It was founded by the king Tigran the Great in the 70's B.C. and named after him. Tigran the Great made it the capital of Armenia, as far as Artashat could no longer be the centre of his big empire.
According to Apianos, Tigranakert was surrounded by 25 meters of walls (50 walls), which were equipped with storages, arsenals etc. It had also a fortress. The magnificent castle of Tigran the Great was located outside of the town, in the surrounding of gardens. Many representatives of important Armenian communities were inhabited there. It is supposed, that in the peak of the developement of the city, Tigranakert had a population of approximately 100.000 people.

Photo Gallery
  • One of the columns of the fortress
  • The ruins of the fortress
  • Tigranakert
  • The entrance of the fortress, Tigranakaert
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