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Sis (Kozan)

In 1104 the prince Toros the First with the contribution of Armenians liberated Sis. The prince Mleh restored it and in 1173 declared it as the capital of Cilician Armenia. Sis was reconstructed basically; walls were added, riched with royal edifices and religious buildings, by Levon B. Metsagorts.
On October of 1266 year the sultan of Egypt Bibars attacked Cilicia with great forces, conquered Sis, but didn’t manage to conquer the fortress. He ruined and destroyed the city, robbed the treasures. In 1270 years the city was restored and reconstructed, the walls were firmed. In 1275the troops of Egyptian mamluks tried to conquer Sis again, but thanks to Armenian troops with the leadership of Smbat Gundstabel, they were seized and thrown away. After it, Sis experienced relatively peaceful period of life for almost one century. In 1360 the 60.000 troops of Egyptian mamluks conquered Sis again.

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