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Tarsus, Tarsos, Tarsis is a town in Cilicia, situated on the bank of the river Kyudnos/Tarson. The founding date of the city is connected with the name of Tarsis. It was a neolitian settlement, in 3-2 centuries B.C it was an important brozne processing centre. It also played an important role in formation of the ancient kingdom of Cilicia. Strabon used to call it a rival town for Athens and Alexandria. Tarson had a privilege of being free and autonomous city and played an important role in the land and sea trade.
In 80-70 years Tarson entered the Hellenistic Empire of Tigran B the Great, after Tarson was a part of the Roman empire.Julius Ceaser, who reconstructed Tarson, later called it Juliopolis. Roman Marcos Antionios made Tarson a capital city, where he got married to the queen of Egypt - Cleopatra. Apostle Poghos, who is the author of the biggest part of the New Testament.

  • Tarson
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