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Tatev is a medieval monastery complex in Syunik province of Armenia, 35 km south from Sisian town, near Tatev village. In the end of 8th century Tatev monastery became Syunyats bishopric centre.  Saint Poghos central catherdral was built in 906, Saint Mary's mausoleum- church was built in 1067, and Saint Grigor church was built in 1295. There was also Tatev famous university, school of caligraphy operating there. The monastery had also a big manuscript depository where more than 10.000 ancient manuscripts were stored. According to the National Competiveness Foundation of Armenia, the monastery complex, the school operating in the territory of Tatev complex, will be reconstructed for the developement of tourism and economy in the region. There will be also a scientific complex to be founded. The construction of the world's biggest aerial tramway was built in 2010 its 5.7 km long. It connects halidzor village with Tatev monastery complex.

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Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
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