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Terjan is a town and district of Erzincan Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. It was the center of Mamakhatun Township. In 1909 Terjan had 231 villages and 31 of them were Armenian. It is the contiguous of Ekekhya province from West, Karno province to East, Aper’s province from North , Mananakh province to South. The district is about 2575km including the valleys of Terjan and Akhkala. Mount Mariam, Pakht, Khatchdagh, Khalkhal are among the remarkable mountains.
Terjan is one of the cradles of Armenians. During the kingdom of Arshakuni, Terjan was included in Armenia as well. Aghatagekhos mentioned Terjan as one of the first places, where Christianity was spread. And Movses Khorenaci maintained that Mesrop Mashtots put bishop Gind  as an overseer for learning Armenian alphabet.

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