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Anitour 15th anniversary

“Now I exactly know where I have left my heart.” When I wrote this sentence as a comment of one of my photos in Facebook, all my friends began to ask “Where? Where?” Every day I remember our pilgrimage. This is the event that I remember and recall in every detail. Now I can surely say, “I left my heart at the foot of Mount Ararat.”
Hasmik Sahakyan


Congratulations to Anitour from Henrik AnassianOn the way of struggle of the Armenian National Committee Anitour  travel agency is like a bright lighthouse. Thanks to Volodya Arushanyan’s tour agency people have had the opportunity to visit their ancestors’ places for already 15 years. Thanks to his agency, people not only travel, but also become real Armenian. Volodya and his wife Hripsik, have studied the history of Western Armenia for the last 100 years and pass their knowledge to every tourist at best. The Arushanyans enjoy love and popularity with everyone travelling with for their friendly and caring attitude. I will always remember the tour we made this year. And we, the living witnesses of Anitour, can surely say, that the Arushanyans who are very honest and devoted to their work have a long way to pass. May there be no obstacle on your way. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary, dear Anitour!
Marieta and Henrik Anassians, travelers to Western Armenia

Dear Mrs. Hripsime and Mr. Arushanyan,
Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the travel agency “Anitour”. We wish you many 15-year anniversaries. Your patriotic work helps us to keep our warm and sincere love towards our historic homeland. Dear Mrs. Hripsime and Mr. Arushanyan, we wish you good health and strong will.
Tourists at 14th table                                          

Dear Anitour!
Congratulations on the 15th anniversary, Wish you many years of patriotic work and let many Armenians scattered all over the world visit Western Armenia with the help of Anitour and find their parents’ house as I did. Live and prosper.
"Armen Tour" Travel

Dear Anitour!
Just as you realize the wish of many Western Armenians, let your wishes come true.

Vladimir Kochinyan
academician of the Academy of Science and Technology

We met at the crossroad of my ancestors’ dream and my wish.
Happy birthday, Anitour. We met late but not too late, loved each other and became friends.

Iveta Babayan


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