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Combined tours

Iran- Western Armenia - Georgia

Iran- Western Armenia - Georgia

Tour price: 1360 USD Duration of the tour: 11 days The tour distance: 3700 km ( 2299 miles ) Tour type: Combined tours More details

Anitour travel agency offers the following types of tours:

  • short tours
  • mid –length tours
  • long combined tours
  • special tours

Short tours are mostly organized on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and are aimed to introduce specific historical and cultural sights. They are:

Mid-length tours cover wide geography. They have rich cognitive value and give a complete picture of the region. They are:

Long combined tours
cover wide geography. They give an opportunity to combine sport tours or a pleasant sea rest with the visiting of historical sights.

Special tours
are organized in connection with sport events and on special occasions.

So, you have a wide choice.

After getting acquainted with the description of the tour, you can get additional information about the cultural and historical sights in the section "Destinations".

After making the final choice, you can order the tour online and that will be the first step of your wonderful journey. Take that step - everything begins with the first step.

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Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
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