Artsakh 3 day tour

Tour price: 0 USD Duration of the tour: 3 days Tour type: Armenia and Artsakh
Day 1

You leave for Stepanakert early in the morning. On the way you stop at Sevan, one of the beautiful nooks in the world. It is the second largest fresh-water high-altitude lake in the world. You visit one of the most famous historical sites -Ayrivank, built on the shores of the lake in the IX-XII centuries. You also visit Noraduz medieval cemetery with a large number of monuments and cross-stones /khachkars/. Most of them date back to the XIII-XVII centuries.
You continue your way to Karvachar. You visit Dadivank, one of the ancient monastic complexes in Artsakh. The present day buildings of the complex date back to the XII-XIII centuries. The next stop is at Gandzasar, the spiritual and cultural centre of Artsakh. Gandzasar got its name from the hill opposite the village of Vank. There is silver and other precious minerals in the depth of the mountains, that’s why it is called Gandzasar, which means treasure mountain in Armenian. You arrive in Stepanakert and check-in at the hotel.
Overnight at Europe hotel.

  • Sevan
  • Sevan
  • Noraduz medieval cemetery
  • Dadivank
  • Gandzasar
Day 2

You set off to Tigranakert. It was built by Tigranes the Great during the 1st century B.C.. We leave for Amaras. According to the Armenian historians Amaras monastery was founded by Gregory the Illuminator at the beginning of  the IV century. At the beginning of the 5th century Mesrop Mashtots established one of the first schools in Amaras. You return to  Stepanakert.
Overnight at the Europe hotel.

  • Artsakh
  • Tigranakert
  • Amaras
  • Stepanakert
  • Stepanakert
Day 3

You leave for one of the most beautiful nooks of Artsakh - Shoushi. One of the basic sights of the city is Shoushi fortress. The walls of a citadel have almost been completely preserved up to now. The basic architectural monument of Shoushi is the church of the Holy Savior, called also Ghazanchetsots, with a height of about 40 meters.
You continue your way to Tatev Monastery. On the way you stop at Devil's Bridge, one of the wonders of the world. The way to Tatev runs along bends with canyons on one side, and high mountains on the other side. This church built on the edge of the cliff leaves an unforgettable impression on people. Those who want can make use of ''Tatever'' rope-way. The next stop is Noravank.  At the beginning of the 13th century it was the spiritual center of Syunik, the family vault of the Orbelian family. The architect Momik worked here in the first half of the fourteenth century.
The tour to Khor Virap is unique in its own way. According to the legend, Tiridates the III imprisoned Gregory the Illuminator in a hole full of snakes and insects. Here Gregory the Illuminator stayed about 14 years. In the fifth century a church was built on this hole. From here you can have a breathtaking panorama of biblical Mount Ararat. You can admire its beauty for hours, but you have to come back.

The end of the tour

  • Shoushi
  • Shoushi fortress
  • Tatev Monastery
  • Noravank
  • Khor Virap Monastery

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