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Cilicia, Cappadocia and Western Armenia 10 Day tour

Tour price: starts from 990 USD Duration of the tour: 10 days The tour distance: 4300 km ( 2672 miles ) Tour type: Cilicia, Cappadocia and Western Armenia

Anitour travel agency is the founder of the tours to Historical Armenia and has been providing high quality service (VIP) for over 20 years. The majority of the tourists are from abroad, they appreciate the comfort (hotels, meals, transport, guide, etc).
The actual price of the tour depends on the number of members in the group.
30 people 990$ /Mercedes Tourismo 48 seats, 2017/
20 people  1040$ / 2 Mercedes Sprinter 17 seats, 2017/
10 people  1090$ / 1 Mercedes Sprinter 17 seats, 2017/
9-7 people 1130$-1360$ / 1 Mercedes Sprinter 17 seats, 2017/
4-6 individual order / 1 Mercedes Viano 8 seats, 2017/

Day 1

You leave Yerevan and by way of Gyumri you set off to Akhlkalaki which is the centre of Javakhk. You cross the Armenia Georgia border at Bavra.  You arrive in Akhalkalaki where you visit St. Cross church. After a short rest you cross the Georgia Turkey border at Karzakh.
After crossing the border you visit Lake Cildir, surrounded by a mountainous region. You continue your way to Kars. It is one of the former five capitals in Western Armenia. In 928 Kars was the 10th capital of Armenia. You have dinner at “Ojakh Bashi” where very tasty dishes are served and after a short rest you start the tour around Kars. St. Apostle’s church which was built during the reign of king Abas Bagratuni /928-953/ is a magnificent structure, still standing but it has been turned into a mosque. You admire the beauty of the fortress. Those who want can go up to the fortress from where they can have a beautiful panorama of the city. You go over across St. Vardan Bridge, see well preserved two-storeyed buildings in black tuffa and the ruins of Charents’ paternal house alongside them.
You leave for Ani. You are met by the Smbatashen walls on which just in front of the entrance you can see the coat of arms of the Bagratunis – a running lion. In 961 Ani became the 11th capital of Armenia. It is famous for its churches. The Mother Cathedral was built by architect Trdat (989-1001). It is considered to be the masterpiece of Armenian architecture. The general structure of the church of Holy Redeemer was so solid that when it was ruined in two halves, its dome wasn’t damaged. The church of Tigran Honents is decorated with different reliefs and frescos inside and outside. Walking about Ani you will see numerous churches and ruins of magnificent buildings. You come back to Kars.
Overnight at the Grand Ani Hotel 4+*

  • Lake Cildir
  • St. Apostle’s church
  • Kars Fortress
  • The Mother Cathedral
  • The church of Tigran Honents
Day 2

You leave for one of the magnificent places in Western Armenia – the first capital of Armenia, Van. On the way you have a stop at Bayazet where you see Bayazet Fortress. You also see the picturesque Waterfall of Berkri, a real wonder of nature.
In the evening you arrive in Van. First you visit Van Castle (built during the Urartian period) where the mausoleums of Menua, Argishti and Rusa are situated. Then you visit Mher’s Door which never opens.
You check-in at the hotel Haldi (4*) or Elite World Van hotel 5*.

  • Bayazet Fortresss
  • Waterfall of Berkri
  • Van Fortress
  • Mher’s Door
  • Van
Day 3

40km way to Akhtamar Island lies along the shores of Lake Van. You cannot help admiring the beauty of the lake that looks like a pearl surrounded by mountains. It takes 15 minutes to get to Akhtamar Island by boat. On approaching the island you are met by St. Cross church which was built by architect Manvel from 915 to 921. You have dinner in “Akhtamar” restaurant on the shore of Lake Van.
You set off to Mush. Here you visit St. Marine church, the Armenian cemetery, Sulukh Bridge where Gevorg Chaush was killed in an unequal fight.
Overnight at the hotel Diar Paris 4*.

  • Akhtamar Island
  • St. Cross church
  • Lake Van
  • St. Marine church
  • Sulukh Bridge
Day 4

After breakfast you leave for Diyarbakir, where St. Kirakos church reopened quite recently. Diyarbakir is also famous for the 1500 years' old bridge built on the river Tigris. The 8-km-long Diyarbakir walls run throughout the city.
You drive up Mount Nemrut, but you have to climb some part of the way on foot. The way to Gods is rather difficult but there are benches to have a rest on. Many tourists from all over the world come to see the royal mausoleum of the Yervandunis and the statues of pagan Gods /Aramazd, Mihr, Vahagn, Anahit/ which are 8m high.
You leave for Ayntap but on the way you stop at Adiyaman.  You arrive in Ayntap where you visit the castle, the church built by the Palyans, the Armenian church, which is converted into a mosque. You also visit the church of Holy Mother of God, which is converted into the house of culture.
Overnight at the hotel Sirehan 5*.

  • St. Kirakos church
  • the Walls of Diyarbakir
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Ayntap Castle
Day 5

After breakfast you leave for the only remaining Armenian village Vagf where you visit the operating Armenian church of St. Astvatsatsin/Holy Mother of God/and pray for those who fought heroically on Mount Mousa for 40 days and didn’t give in. You leave for Adana. The way passes through Belen, Alexandret and Dort Yol. You arrive in Adana. The most important place to visit is the ancient bridge built on the Mehyan river during the times of Hustinyanos /527-565/. You see the city which was turned into a desert during the massacre.
You continue your way to Mersin. You arrive and check-in at the hotel Barbarossa 4* on the shore of the sea.


  • the church of St. Astvatsatsin
  • the church of St. Astvatsatsin
  • Adana
  • the ancient bridge
  • clock tower in Adana
Day 6

You enjoy the sea and after dinner you visit the sea-fortress of Korikos, which is also known as Girl's fortress.  On the way back you see the Roman University with its amphitheatre.
Overnight at the hotel Barbarossa 4*.

  • fortress of Korikos
  •  the sea-fortress of Korikos
  • the sea-fortress of Korikos
  • the Roman amphitheatre
  • the Roman amphitheatre
Day 7

After breakfast you set off to Cappadocia where people come from all over the world. On the way you stop at  Tarson where the cave of St. Pauls Apostle is situated. You also visit Cleopatra's Gate. You have dinner and continue your way to Cappadocia. Then you arrive in Goreme- another exotic city and check-in at the Tourist hotel 4*.

  • Tarson
  • Cleopatra"s Gate
  • Cappadocia
  • Cappadocia
  • Cappadocia
Day 8

After breakfast you have a tour around the magic city Goreme which astonishes people with its ancient sights. You start off to Kayseri - the place of consecrating of the Armenian supreme patriarchs. Here you see Armenian church of St. Gregory the Illuminator. You continue your way to Malatya, the birthplace of Hrant Dink. Here you see Holy Trinity church and the Armenian district.
Overnight at the Ramada Plaza hotel 5*.

  • Cappadocia
  • Kaymakli underground ciry
  • Kayseri
  • The church of St. Gregory the Illuminator
  • Holy Trinity church, Malatya
Day 9

You start for Erzrum. The way passes through Kharberd. Here it’s important to see the fortress of Kharberd, the Armenian district, St. Mariam church which is said to have a curing effect. On the way you also stop at Dersim.
You arrive in Erzrum. Here you see Erzrum Castle, Armenian Church which was turned into a mosque, Sanassaryan College
You continue your way to Artvin. On the way you visit Tortum Waterfall. Tortum Waterfall is both a unique and not to be missed attraction full of natural beauty and wonder. With a total drop of 48 meters, the waterfall creates a giant splash. You also visit Oshkvank Monastery, built in the second half of the 10th century. You arrive in Artvin and check-in at the hotel.
Overnight at the hotel Grand Artvin 5*.

  • Armenian Church in Erzurum
  • Erzrum Castle
  • Lake Tortum
  • Tortum Waterfall
  • Oshkvank monastery
Day 10

After breakfast you have a tour around the city of Artvin. Here you visit the church of Holy Mother of God and Artvin fortress. You also visit Ardahan, where you visit Ardahan fortress and old armenian houses.
You start off to Turky-Georgia border. At about 4pm you have a farewell dinner at restaurant.
You arrive in Yerevan at 10.00-11.00pm.

  • Armenian church in Artvin
  • Artvin Fortress
  • Ardahan
  • Ardahan Fortress
  • Ardahan Fortress

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