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Nune Khachatryan

My cherished dream since childhood unexpectedly came true. The idea of a pilgrimage to our ancestors’ land was arising contradictory emotions inside me over years. Shall I go or not? The time has come. Together with my husband and daughter I decided to take part in this tour. 
I was looking forward to seeing my forefathers’ homeland. Ardahan was the first to welcome us. I was shocked from the luxurious colors of the nature; endless forests, fields…
Next we visited Kars. My grandfather comes from Kars. My heart began beating fast. The excitement strangled my throat, and tears were running down my cheeks. It was too difficult.
We visited Ani, Van, Igdir, Mush, Erzrum: We climbed the slopes of Ararat, were present at the liturgy taking place in St. Cross Church of Aghtamar. While leaving each place, it seemed to me as if I was tearing a piece of  my heart  and leaving it there. A blunt pain was  strangling my throat. But what can we do? We are just to live and beg God to revolt the historical truth. Our pilgrimage was rather interesting and saturated owing to the organizers of  “Anitour”. I am thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Arushanyans, their son with all my heart. May God bless you, as you are doing a patriotic, tremendous and priceless work.

Nune Khachatryan Pedagogue

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, September 10, 2013

Mariam Sargsyan

This was my second pilgrimage to Western Armenia. This time I visited Western Armenia together with my parents. The pilgrimage was exceptional as we were lucky to take part in the liturgy of the St. Cross Chuch of Aghtamar and receive the sacraments. I experienced pain when I saw the treshold of St. Nshan Church of Varagavank  having been collapsed (it collapsed during the earthquake in Van), I experienced pain when I saw the last relics of the Armenian districts in Mush being destroyed. As usual, this time also the Arushanyan family organized the tour on a high level. My father found his grandfather's village Berdagh with the help of Anitour. The excitement was indescribable. Thanks to the Arushanyan family for their precious and patriotic work. Let us remember that we are not only the victims of the genocide but also a nation devoid of homeland. And one day sooner or later the occupated part of our homeland will join the Republic of Armenia. Anyway, it should be noted the words by the eminent Armenian novelist Raffi “One who doesn't know their homeland, cannot love it truly.”

Mariam Sargsyan Art critic, historian

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, September 10, 2013

Hovhannes Hakobyan

Thanks to the Arushanyan family to provide us with invaluable service and for giving us the opportunity to be in Erzrum. Our main aim was to be in our ancestors’ homeland. My wife’s forefathers have migrated from Bayazet and my grandfather was born in Erzrum. Also my dream to climb the Mount Ararat partially came true. Hopefully next year I will climb the summit of Ararat. It is hard to describe our feelings, first - happiness that we have such a wonderful country, and then pain - that it belongs to the foreigners, who takes care of it as an owner. And after our return we experienced disappointment and uncertainty. The foreigner is protecting our country, while we are destroying the last pieces of land which we are going to lose. We are blaming everybody for the massacre; the Turkish, the Kurdish, Russians, yet the real ones to blame, are we who have lost our religious values/beliefs, have removed from our roots. And only the return to our roots will save our nation.

Hovhannes Hakobyan Jeweler

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, September 10, 2013

Artyom Qosakyan

You always feel the greatness of the loss when you see it with your own eyes. I felt it, felt it with every cell of my body. And now I wonder about two questions: I wonder who says that paradise doesn't exist and who says that God doesn’t makes miracles. I object it; God made that miracle and I visited the paradise. Perhaps my words won't be enough to describe my feelings that I had in Western Armenia. Having been in our once luxurious cities, I could hardly suppress my tears. Maybe the thing is that boys do not cry or my tears might not be running, being hardened in my soul and turning into wrath and hatred. How not to  get furious when you know that each stone of it is yours, yet it is the kurdish and turkish child that is playing in them. My heart was aching when I remembered my grandmother's words. “I wish I had your eyes, my boy”. Only now I understand the meaning of these words. Every Armenian would like to be in the land of their ancestors, which, one day, and we will have “ Armenia from the sea to the sea” .
My profuse thanks to the organizers  of  “Hay Aspet” and to the travel agency  “Anitour” for awarding me  such wonderful moments.

Artyom Qosakyan Student

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, July 10, 2013

Lilit Hovanyan

Kars, Ani, Igdir, Aghtamar, Mush,  Erzrum… they are all ours, close and crony. In Georgia I felt the anxiety which you undoubtedly have in a foreign land. But not here. The Turkish and Kurdish inhabitants just make you feel disgusting like an awkward and disturbing guest. We are strolling through Western Armenia. This is a dream, a wish, a yearning and an aim, inconceivable and untouchable but real.  I don’t want to describe what I felt , saw and thought here. There are things that dive deep into our hearts and consciousness, remain there and crystallize. Each time while leaving a fortress, a church or a monument, I want to cry, want to return to their bosom, but I suppress my feelings. There is no need their age-old wounds to be hurt by my bitter tears.
I only beg God to give me the ability to survive and accurately assess what I have.

Lilit Hovanyan .

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, July 10, 2013

Tereza Karapetyan, Guillaume Basselin

Many thanks to Anitour for revealing such marvellous places to us. Visiting Ani is a dream of every Armenian, I am very happy today that I could discover our holy lands thanks to you and now I am returning to Armenia with full of wonderful memories in my heart.
We are also thankful to the company “Anitour” for such exclusively comfortable hotels and for very tasty food. We would like to take part in your further tours with great pleasure once again. Thank you for everything!

Tereza Karapetyan, Guillaume Basselin Responsibles for CIS countries

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, July 10, 2013

Ira Voskanyan

I have been in some cities of Western Armenia thanks to the travel agency «Anitour» I had a feeling of happiness that I could at last be in the homeland of my forefathers, when I could step my ancestors' native land. It seemed that they were talking to us, looking after us .....
I experienced pain and regret that all these lands are so close and at the same time so far away from us...
When I saw those silent witnesses of our spiritual mind so close, my heart melted; abandoned temples, distorted engravings, scraped and wounded stones...Yet the Lake Van was a real miracle, a miracle along with Aghtamar, St. Cross Church, and the tasty fish of the Lake Van – Tarekh.
Many thanks to Anitour for pleasant and heartwarming excursions, and warm attitude.

Ira Voskanyan Pedagogue

Western Armenia (Historical Armenia) 6 day tour, July 10, 2013

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Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
Tour to Western Armenia
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